Review - A Week To Be Wild by JC Harroway

I've been intrigued by Mills & Boon's latest line, Dare, so was thrilled to get an ARC of A Week To Be Wild by JC Harroway!

A daring game of temptation

She’ll play his game—but only by her rules!

Alex Lancaster is an adrenaline junkie. He’s also a sexy British billionaire who should come with his own warning signs. When Libby insists she is done with men who live on the edge, Alex coaxes her out of her comfort zone—professionally and very, very personally. Libby’s taking a high-stakes gamble, but the pay-off could win her everything…

‘It’s passionate, it’s bold and it’s damn well sexy!’ Amy Wright , Netgalley reviewer

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My Review

Well, I was right to be excited by the new Dare line!

Though instantly attracted to Alex Lancaster, Libby puts her professionalism ahead of her libido. Alex seems to like a challenge, after all he likes living his life to the fullest, so he isn't giving up on trying to get Libby to work for him for a short time. Libby fails to see how she can possibly work with Alex when he's too much of a temptation, but then Alex shows her the way his business works, also uncharacteristically reveals the importance of his project and that it's personal to him. So with a time limit and some rules set by Libby, making they can mix business with pleasure.

I thoroughly enjoyed JC Harroway's writing! I was instantly invested in Libby and Alex's story and their motivation. What I particularly enjoyed was the way Libby was given control. Not that she's confident and demanding because that isn't the case. But with Alex, who is as alpha and sexy as you can get, Libby holds her own and holds the cards with their brief agreement. I love that she takes charge, that she sets the rules. And I love that Alex lets her! He could easily change the game, crook his finger and totally get what he wants, what they both need, but he doesn't, he holds back and respects Libby's demands.

This story isn't heavy on conflict, making it easier to become consumed in what is a sizzling relationship that deepens throughout the week and explores emotional boundaries and fears. Though the sex and the chemistry between the couple is prominent, the plot is strong enough that it isn't overwhelmed by it and is only enhanced. Both characters are likeable and strong. If this book is anything to go by, I am now even more excited for the Dare line!

JC Harroway is an author I will definitely read more of. A fresh, sexy and enjoyable read!

4.5 Butterfly Rating!

*ARC received from Netgalley in return for honest review*

I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to more Dare next year!

~ Tracey

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