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The longed for day finally arrived. And when I say longed for - I really mean longed for! I was an excited bag of mixed emotions for this book for as much as I was desperate to read it, my heart was breaking a little too. Blood Bound is book 7 and the penultimate book in the Blackthorn series by Lindsay J. Pryor and I'm not going to want to let go.


Love can be heaven. Or it can hurt like hell. For exiled angel Jessie, falling for Eden Reece has been her salvation. When she discovers that her angel tears, used to heal Eden, are actually poisoning him the burden of guilt is crushing. Jessie is determined to make things right and, with Eden by her side, they are a formidable team. But with Blackthorn surrounded by an impenetrable barrier and the army of Sirius Throme closing in, their mission is a desperate one. When Jessie discovers they are up against her own kind too, it looks impossible. Eden and Jessie don’t just need a cure, they need a way out – and have less than 48 hours to find both. Eden will fight to the last to protect Jessie, but when they are captured and separated, demons from his past return to haunt him. Suddenly, Jessie is forced to question everything she knows about the man she loves. Yet the most shattering twist is still to come. Because what you care about most can be your biggest weakness. For Blackthorn to survive, either Jessie or Eden will have to make the greatest sacrifice of all… The thrilling penultimate story in the Blackthorn series will leave you breathless.

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Oh, where to start!

If you've read any of the previous books in the series you will know how intense and compelling the Blackthorn series is. So I knew without a doubt that Blood Bound was going to be as edge-of-the-seat, what-just-happened, am-I-going-to-survive-this-book, as the other books have been. Except this is the penultimate book and my Blackthorn senses told me Blood Bound was about to go off the charts. And how right I was.

Blood Bound revisits Eden Reece, former CEO and Jessie, an envoi, with some special abilities that not even she is aware of, having had her memory wiped many years ago. Now let me say that Eden is hot! Seriously hot. And funny too with his quick wit and blossoming bromance with master vampire, Kane Malloy. But Jessie, Jessie intrigues me and is for me the star attraction of this couple.

Having no memory is a significant problem for Jessie, especially when the angel tears that kept Eden alive could now be a death sentence and not only to Eden. Blackthorn is under threat and those Jessie and Eden hold dear are at risk, so they have to find some way to escape. But not until Jessie can find a way to keep Eden safe and put right a wrong. Having suffered for years in captivity, Jessie now has to go back to the place she has just escaped from.

Eden can't let Jessie go alone, despite her protests, but are her intentions to keep him alive actually putting his life at risk? Both are forced to face the shadows of their pasts. Will time run out on their future?

I emotionally braced myself before I began to read Blood Bound and yet I still wasn't prepared for what was about to happen. All of my favourite series' and authors have books that peak and wane within a series but this isn't the case with Lindsay J. Pryor. The unexpected twists and revelations still hold their intensity and the plot is absolutely gripping. Every line matters and those secondary characters that you may deem unimportant in one book are actually cleverly relevant in another, especially in this story. The pace is relentless and the plot truly is a masterclass in world building and conflict. And what is amazing is how the author still manages to draw conflict from each couple, despite their happy-for-now endings in each book. The same can be said with Jessie and Eden. Their second story and you are still handed more from them in the way their relationship develops and the way they still have vulnerabilities to expose. And expose them Lindsay J. Pryor does.

Blackthorn is know for its complex layers and the darkness of the series and Blood Bound for me is the darkest yet. Jessie and Eden's vulnerabilities are exposed and then ripped to shreds. It's a challenging, shocking read in the best possible way. Just when you think the author really won't go there - she does! Jessie and Eden are tested beyond their limits and you feel every moment of it. And bravo, Lindsay J. Pryor, for being courageous enough to do that. Thank you for staying true to the series. Each harrowing scene serves to validate Blackthorn further. You might need to pick your broken heart up from the floor after reading Blood Bound- but my goodness it's worth every breath stolen moment. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

The most powerful series I've ever read.

5 Butterfly Rating!

Blackthorn has an overarching plot which extends throughout each book. This series is best read in order and trust me, you'll want to read them all! You can pick up a copy of Blood Shadows for 0.99!

Reading order:

Blood Shadows

Blood Roses

Blood Torn

Blood Deep

Blood Dark

Blood Instinct

Blood Bound

Blood Broken - awaiting release date!

About Lindsay J. Pryor

Lindsay J. Pryor currently writes dark, intense, multi-layered Gothic Paranormal Romance set in the gritty and dystopian urban world of Blackthorn.

Discovered after being a twice-finalist in an international romance writing competition, Lindsay’s Blackthorn series really captured the imagination of her publisher as a fantastically vivid and complex world, one which readers will utterly lose themselves in.

With six-figure sales and books sold in several countries, Lindsay is one of the UK’s bestselling PNR authors. Her Blackthorn series regularly tops Amazon’s US and UK Gothic Romance charts where it has reached #1 on numerous occasions. Books from her series have also reached #1 in five sub-genres of Paranormal Romance, including being a #1 Vampire Romance bestseller in both the UK and the US. Her debut was a #1 ‘Most Wished For’ Paranormal Romance on Amazon UK. Blackthorn has achieved success in the main kindle charts too, reaching the Top 50 in the US, the Top 20 in Canada, and has skirted the Top 100 on Amazon UK.

Lindsay has been creating stories since she was nine years old, when she quickly decided that fantasy was more interesting than reality. She thought she’d grow out of it but, more than thirty years later, writing remains her passion.

Lindsay holds a BSc Honours degree in Psychology and Communication and two post graduate qualifications. She is a qualified Psychology lecturer and English teacher. Before becoming a full-time author, Lindsay taught for eighteen years, primarily to improve literacy for children with special needs. She was born and grew up in Wales but now lives in England with her husband, their rescue bunny, and a plethora of wild woodland creatures. She is a keen supporter of animal welfare.

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Hands up, who wants to play kiss chase with Eden???

Hope I've inspired you to pick up this stunning read!

~ Tracey

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