Review - Snowflakes on Christmas Street by Ivy Pembroke

Yes it's October still, but why not get your Christmas reads in order? Especially Snowflakes on Christmas Street. This one will make you want to put your feet up and give a sigh of satisfaction.


On a little street in a big city, everything is changing

Bill has lived on Christmas Street since he was a young man. He's seen families come and go, watched children grow up... Now he wants to be left alone.

Everything seven-year-old Teddy loves is in America. But his widowed father, Sam, has brought them both back to England to be closer to their family. Sam's one wish is for Teddy to be happy again.

As Teddy and Sam settle into their new life, a very special four-legged neighbour is determined to make them feel at home. Jack, the Christmas street dog is welcome in everyone's house - but will it be in his power to help a little boy and a lonely old man remember the true meaning of the season?

As the snow sparkles on the ground, one small act of kindness will give a whole street a happy Christmas...

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My Review

I wasn't sure how Jack, the abandoned dog, was going to fit into this story, but actually, despite not being dominate in the story he actually has a big impact.

It takes the arrival of Sam and his son Teddy to pull the street together. Back to the way, Bill, a widower, remembered Christmas street to have been. Now he keeps himself to himself, accepting that life will never be that way again. His only pleasure, albeit one he doesn't openly show, is that Jack, the dog left behind by neighbours long gone, visits Bill, when he's finished his visits to the other residents.

For homesick Teddy, Jack is the only positive in his new life. And Teddy's arrival stirs up an ownership battle for Jack. Jack who belongs to the street. Rather than battle with his new neighbours, Sam attempts to get to know them. Unwittingly, drawing people together who barely give each other the time of day.

With a plot that is a gentle one, Snowflakes on Christmas Street is very much character driven. It's human nature that we can be a nosey bunch, so getting to visit the characters and the homes they live in and the different way everyone lives their lives is a delight. The characters are so well developed and enjoyable that I found myself crossing my fingers that they would all find their happily-ever-afters. What they did was find each other and accept the difference in their personalities. All helped along by one sweet dog.

For such a gentle plot, this book packs an emotional punch! There's romance, the odd drama and a whole lot of satisfaction. The characters are real. These characters could be the same as those in your street. They could be you! I loved this book. The ending is lovely and perfect. Truly heartwarming!

5 Butterfly Rating with snowflakes on top!

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