Blogs I like

As well as writing I also like to share what inspires me and others work which I like. Here are the links to a few of my favourites:

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Wendy S. Marcus

Wendy S. Marcus - Author

Sue Child

Sue Child - Romance Author

Shehanne Moore

Shehanne Moore - Author

Romance University

Writer's Blog

Rae Rivers

Rae Rivers - Author

Michelle Smart

Michelle Smart - Romance Author

Write. Blog. read. Repeat.

Readers Blog

Lindsay J. Pryor

Lindsay J. Pryor - Author

Kindles and Wine

Reader's Blog

Jennifer Hayward

Jennifer Hayward - Author

Jane Hunt

Jane Hunt - Writer

Heidi Rice

Heidi Rice - Author

Fiona Chapman

Fiona Chapman - Writer

Catherine Coles

Catherine Coles - Author

CC Mackenzie

CC Mackenzie - Author

Charlotte Phillips

Charlotte Phillips - Author

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